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Secular Ethics (from Wikipedia)

Ethics (from Wikipedia)

Consequentialism (from Wikipedia)

True Morality – Rational Principles for Optimal Living

Pat Condell’s Godless Comedy

Objectisvism 101 – Tools for living

Declaration on Social Progress and Development (UNO)

Virtue (from Wikipedia)

Worldwatch Institute – Vision for a Sustainable World

Global Footprint Network

The Ebon Musings Web Site

An Atheist’s Ten Commandments

Richard Dawkins (from Wikipedia)

The God Delusion (from Google Books)

The Dawkins Delusion

A Book of Blood – Biblical atrocities

Which way does your moral compass point?

Objectivism (Ayn Rand) – from Wikipedia

The Ethics of American Youth – 2008 summary

Seven virtues

Deontological Ethics (from Wikipedia)

Virtue Ethics (from Wikipedia)

Consequentialism (from Wikipedia)

The Common Good Covenant

The New Ten Commandments (dal sito di Ebon Musings)

Common Good State: The Next Phase of Human Societies

The moral sense test

Moral rules – A quote from – Human Conduct: Problems of Ethics, John Hospers



A mission to convert (The New Yor Review of Books)

Rational Ethics and Standards of Value

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